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Rosedale Cemetery provides this Interment Data as a service to all Proprietors (certificate) holders, visitors, funeral directors monument dealers and any persons or contractors, companies etc. performing related or other work within the cemetery, and all graves, plots, and columbarium niches sold, shall be subject to the cemetery’s rules and regulations, and subject further to such other rules, regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by The Proprietors of the Rosedale Cemetery from time to time. This information is available at the cemetery office or website. This data is meant for informational purposes only. The public information contained herein is furnished as a service by Rosedale Cemetery. Burial locations and names are available for our cemetery located in Montclair, Orange and West Orange Townships, New Jersey. The burial information is the most current information.

Since a significant number of cemetery lot sales and burials pre-date the era of computers, information may be incomplete during the earliest years of operation but as provided is deemed reliable and accurate for burial record purposes. The lack of a record, the absences of information may be interpreted as, but is not necessarily definitive proof that an individual not being listed is not interred at this facility.

A search of burial (a record match) is not to be considered as an endorsement or finding that the record match confirms heirship, lot ownership, or the right of interment or memorialization in said lot. All users are reminded, it is possible your search results are similar even an exact match but may not be the actual person being sought.

While efforts have been made to display the most current and accurate data, Rosedale Cemetery, and the Proprietors of the Rosedale Cemetery and their software consultants assume no legal responsibility for the relevant information considered here. Additional records are private, confidential or corporate only viewed records. Information (lot ownership, lot heirship, location provided, interment date, and other information) may be verified by contacting with the office of Rosedale Cemetery or the owner of records (heirs).