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An interment is the in-ground burial of a deceased individuals remains.

A vault is a reinforced outer container that a casket is placed in for burial. All casket-interments at Rosedale Cemetery are required to have a minimum of a concrete-reinforced vault.

No, Rosedale does not accept green burials. All interments at Rosedale are required to be in a casket and enclosed in a reinforced vault.

Yes. Cremated remains may be interred in both regular size graves as well as sections that are made to accommodate cremated remains size graves.

Interments are not allowed on Sundays; however cremation services can be scheduled seven days a week, aside from holidays when the office is closed.

A single grave is one interment space that can accommodate two full-casket burials along with one set of cremated remains.

A Lot is a defined parcel of land that contains space for two or more single graves.

Rosedale has a rule of three. A grave can accommodate three different types of interments:
1. Two full caskets and one set of cremated remains
2. One casket and two sets of cremated remains
3. Three sets of cremated remains

For two-casket burials, the first casket is buried extra-deep so there is room for a second burial on top. For one-casket burials, the casket is buried at regular depth.

A cremated remains grave is a defined interment space meant to accommodate cremated remains only. Cremated remains can be interred at both extra-depth and regular depth. Rosedale offers two types of Cremated Remains graves. The Urn Garden is a landscaped garden section that is specifically for the interment of cremated remains with the option of installing a bronze plaque to memorialize the deceased. We also have private Cremated Remains Lots available in regular full size grave sections where traditional monuments can be installed as an alternative to a bronze plaque.

Yes, graves and lots may be purchased on what we call a "pre-need" basis. Many individuals and families choose to purchase graves and lots pre-need for multiple reasons. Many choose this because they get to choose their final resting spot themselves and know it is paid in full and available in case of an emergency. Many choose to purchase pre-need for the fact that it is more economical in price, and payments can be made over a length of time instead of needing to be paid in full at-need, right before a service. Multiple members of families also choose to purchase spaces pre-need to ensure that they will stay together.

Cemeteries are not allowed to sell monuments by-law in the State of New Jersey, unless specified otherwise. The type of monument that can be installed is dependent on the type of interment space and the section of Rosedale the grave is located in. Each section has specific requirements and regulations that must be followed. Please contact the office prior to meeting with a monument dealer.

Cremation is the placing of a body that is enclosed in an acceptable rigid container, into the cremation chamber called a "retort." Once in the retort, the body is reduced to its basic elements, or "cremated remains," through heat and evaporation. After preparation, the remains are placed into either a permanent urn or in a temporary container that is suitable for transport.

Depending on the size of the body, there are normally three to nine pounds of fragments after the cremation. Rosedale processes the cremated remains, thereby reducing the space they require.

Rosedale requires that the body at least be enclosed and in an acceptably rigid container. This container or casket must be strong enough to assure the protection of health and safety of the operator. It should provide a proper covering for the body and meet reasonable standards of respect and dignity. The body is cremated in the same enclosure in which it arrives at the cemetery.

It isn't. At least it doesn't have to be different. The extent and content of a cremation service is entirely subject to the wishes of the family. They may choose as a much formality or as little as they feel they want to have. They also have more options when cremation is chosen. Quite often a memorial service is held after cremation has occurred or perhaps the family will want to gather at a convenient time for the final committal of the cremated remains.

An entombment is the placing of human remains in a crypt or vault, in an above ground structure such as a mausoleum.

An inurnment is the placing of cremated remains into a Niche. A niche is a space in a columbarium or mausoleum for the placement of cremated human remains, which can either be inside a building or outside on the grounds.

No types of decorations or outside-artificial flowers are allowed on graves or lots. For information on plantings, please contact the office as the rules vary per type of interment space.

Rosedale provides a Floral Program that can be purchased that provides cemetery approved artificial flowers all year long. We also offer Christmas grave blankets and Easter Lilies. Please contact the office for further details.