Pre-Need Planning

A very important, but often overlooked, element to consider before a loved one passes away is pre-need planning. There are numerous benefits to pre-need planning and Rosedale encourages all families to consider these benefits in their decision making process.


Peace of Mind

Losing a loved one is a very emotional experience usually accompanied by grief and mourning. Then all of a sudden, there are funeral and burial or cremation plans to be arranged, not to mention the all the other decisions that must be made amongst the family. If not properly planned for, this can be a stressful situation. By pre-planning the burial, cremation and memorialization aspects of this process, Rosedale can help take some of the stress and burden out of this already difficult situation. We are very experienced in this respect.



Very often, the planning of one’s burial, cremation or memorial service is not discussed in advanced and that leads others to make choices on behalf of the loved one. Making such arrangements is a very personal choice and should reflect the desires and tastes and personality of the family member. Pre-planning is a means of insuring that the loved one receives the memorial they would want and deserve. Rosedale has a lot of different services to offer and pre-planning is a means to matching the right elements for the individuals.


Managing Expenses

The process of losing a loved one is expensive not only emotionally, but also financially. With pre-need planning, an individual or family is able to plan for some of the expenses in advance in order to ease any financial burden. Rosedale also has programs to purchase grave plots at a discounted rate on a pre-need basis, as well payment plans for paying over time. This is another major benefit of pre-need planning.



Individuals typically have a firm idea of how they want to be memorialized when the time comes. Rosedale offers many options in this respect. While pre-planning is a beneficial tool for managing through the burial and cremation process, it also provides an opportunity to 'look down the road' and help determine the best method to remember the loved one for years to come. Please see our Memorialization Program to learn about all the options we provide.

We are here to help.

Whatever decisions an individual or family makes in regards to the passing of a loved one, Rosedale is there to offer our experience, expertise and support.

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